Choosing The Right Key Retriever For Your Needs

If you are constantly losing your set of home or car keys, then you may be spending a fortune on replacement keys or rekeying services. This can be especially frustrating if you lose a laser cut, switchblade, or a smart key. All of these keys cost well over $100. If you want to stop losing your keys, then invest in a key retriever or key tracker. These devices are key fob or keychain attachments that help to show you where your keys are when the device is activated. For the best tracker, look for the following features.

Bluetooth Enabled

If you typically lose your keys in the parking lot outside your office or at the counter at your local supermarket, then a key tracker device that beeps may not work well for you. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then purchase a bluetooth enabled device instead of a standard retriever. Bluetooth key retrievers are devices that work with an application. A small fob or keychain is attached to your set of keys first, and the app is placed on your phone. The app connects the fob to your phone with the help of bluetooth.

Bluetooth technology works when a device, like the key retriever fob, emits specific radio waves from an installed computer chip. The waves are then received by the bluetooth in your phone and the two devices communicate with one another. Once the fob and your phone are paired, the phone will be able to locate the key fob. Most applications will show a map that provides you with the exact location of your keys. Keep in mind that the map will be somewhat small, since bluetooth enabled devices still have a maximum range of about 100 meters.

Some bluetooth enabled key retrievers will have the added feature of being able to locate your phone from the key fob. You will be able to push a button or flip a switch and the app on your phone will be activated. Usually, the application will make a noise so you can find your phone. This is a good feature if you sometimes lose your phone as well as your keys.

Replaceable Battery

Many key finder or retriever devices will have small watch or button batteries that power them. While button batteries can last some time without being replaced, you will need to replace the battery at some point if you continue to use the retriever. You will need to make sure the device you buy allows for battery changes. Also, look for a device that provides a battery power reading on the side. When you need to change the battery, opt for a long life lithium variety. These batteries last much longer than traditional button batteries.

For more information and options, talk with a company that supplies key trackers, such as Your Retriever

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A Few Questions Concerning Custom Software Answered

Computers have revolutionized the way that the world does business, and it is critical for companies to have the right technologies for success. Often, this will involve the creation of custom software solutions. Unfortunately, if you have never worked with a developer, you might not be sure of what you should expect from these services. Therefore, the following three questions and answers might help you to be better informed about this process.

What Is The First Meeting With The Developer Like?

Your first time meeting with a developer can be a rather limiting task, but you should be relieved to learn that this meeting will largely only be informational. The developer will be wanting to speak with you about the goals of the program that you are needing, any important features, networking requirements and your current hardware. This information is necessary so that they can design a solution that will work as efficiently as possible with your current hardware. As a result, you will want to make sure that you are able to provide highly detailed input to the developer. To help you with this, you should write down the features and requirements you want from your program several days or weeks prior to this meeting to be sure that you do not accidentally overlook or forget an important requirement.

What Happens If Bugs Are Found In The Program?

It is an unfortunate fact that software can often have some unforeseen problems that result in quirky behaviors. For this reason, developers will offer their clients the ability to report bugs. Often, this feature is built into the program so that the developer can receive details of what is causing the issue. Once the bug has been reported, the developer will be able to start working on a patch to address any issues.

Will You Be Able To Still Use The Program If The Developer Retires Or Goes Out Of Business?

Unfortunately, developers can go out of business or retire. You may be considered about the sustainability of your software once the developer is no longer working with clients. Fortunately, it is common for developers to release the source code to their customers in the event that they go out of business. This is done through an escrow service that will release the code to the authorized purchaser of the software, and using this system will allow you to provide the original code for the program to another developer so that it can be updated, maintained and patched.

To learn more, visit a website like

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Business Phone Systems: 3 Features Your Business Can Greatly Benefit From

More and more businesses are switching out their landlines for VoIP business phone systems. These hosted systems are designed with features that will enhance your productivity in and out of the office. Here are a few of those features:

1. Call Screening

It can be frustrating to be right in the middle of a huge project when your phone rings. While you know that you are waiting on an important sales call that you need to close, you also know that it could be a vendor or even your mother calling – both of whom can wait until later for you to speak with. Do you risk picking up the phone and losing your train of thought on your project if it is your mother or the vendor? Do you risk not answering and losing the sale? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about either if you have a modern business phone system with a call screening feature, as it will announce the caller’s name so that you can decide whether or not to answer the call or leave it be for now.

2. Several Devices, One Number/Extension

VoIP phone systems are ideal for small and large businesses alike because they allow for multiple devices to use the exact same number, extension and voicemail. In other words, you can answer your phone calls regardless of where you are – whether you’re in your office, the conference room, or even your bedroom. You can always stay on task and avoid missing important business calls even when you’re not in the office.

3. Phone and Web Conferencing

It can sometimes be difficult to get all of your employees in one place at the same time for a meeting. This is even truer when you need to get a busy vendor in the office for an in-person meeting. A web conferencing feature will allow you to get multiple people on a phone or video call so that pertinent information can be discussed and work can be finished quickly regardless of where participants are located and what they may be doing at the time.

These hosted phone systems have really advanced in the last several years and new features are constantly being adding to the arsenal of VoIP business phone systems. If you would like to learn more about the aforementioned features as well as the numerous other productivity-enhancing features available, contact a technology service in your area, such as Hi Country Wire And Telephone.

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How To Increase Revenue By Offering Group Golf Outings

Group golf outings are very beneficial to the annual revenue of a golf course. Not only does it bring in more money, but it also can boost the courses name and foster a positive reputation. It also creates a perfect opportunity to make additional sales for when the participants return, such as lessons, meals in the clubhouse, and memberships.

If you are not actively promoting golf outings and other events for a golf course, you are missing out on prime opportunities for business. Take some time to make an effort to increase the amount of group golf outings at your course by doing the following:

Provide the Proper Accommodations

Golf outings typically consist of large groups, so you need to have the properly sized accommodations readily available at all times. While it is understandable that you may not always have a space large enough to accommodate groups of all sizes, you should make every effort to adapt to different groups. This can include having a tent on hand that you can erect, tables and chairs, additional golfing equipment, and so on. Work closely with the organizers of the golf outing to ensure you will be able to accommodate them. By doing this, you are increasing your visibility as a venue that is willing to go the extra mile to work with a variety of groups.

Offer Packages

If you are new to offering golf outings, be sure to put some offer packages together that the organizers can utilize if they wish. Include the different benefits and features that make your course stand out. Always include the ability to adjust or adapt  based on the needs of the group. Also include a list of vendors that you utilize and what they can offer, such as catering.

Promote Your Course’s Offerings

Now that you have made the proper accommodations and have put together some packages, you must be sure to promote what you are offering. Instead of waiting for group organizers to approach you, get the word out on social media and on your website in order to create some buzz. As soon as people begin asking about your golf outing packages, always respond to them promptly. Not doing so could cost you a sale, as those interested parties will move on to another course if they do not get answers to their questions.

When it comes to marketing your offerings, it is crucial that you do so with enthusiasm and excitement. Always project a happy and positive image through your employees as well as your own actions. People come to you to have a nice time, and your attitude should reflect positively. Contact a business, such as golf course management by foreUP, for more information. 

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The Most Advanced Modern Alarm System Features

Alarm systems are changing rapidly. They are becoming more user friendly with more advanced features that give you greater security in your home. All-inclusive alarm systems come with a wide range of features that ultimately affect the price. Of course, some features are necessary, while there might be others that you never use. Since alarm systems are custom built and designed specifically for your property, you can pick and choose the best features for your home. This article explains a few features that you will definitely want.

Front Door Security Camera

Most people don’t necessarily want their house to look like Fort Knox with a ton of security cameras around the perimeter. However, modern cameras are so small (with great resolution) that they can often be integrated into the home construction. For instance, a camera mounted on the roof eaves can point to your front door. Alternatively, cameras built directly into the door, in place of or near the peephole, are very unobtrusive. A front door security camera does much more than just document intruders. It can also be helpful for tracking delivery. With so much business being done over the internet, theft of delivered items is a major concern. Thieves can walk right up to your door step and grab a package. With a security camera to document all of your deliveries, it will be easier to catch the criminals and make insurance claims.

Smart Device Control

Most homeowners are choosing alarm systems that can be controlled, armed, disarmed and monitored through their phone or tablet. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can monitor your home security. These advanced applications allow you to do so many cool things. You can see live feed from security cameras. You can arm the alarm if you realize you forgot when you left the house. You can even see the exact time that a door was opened or the alarm was disarmed. In the past, all of the controls for the alarm systems were mounted to a wall inside the house, so you had to be in the house to disarm it. With a smart app you can disarm your system and even unlock a door as you are pulling into the garage. It’s so simple and convenient to control your alarm system.

A front door camera will definitely increase the price of your system, but it is still something you should closely consider. A system with smart controls is basically standard in most modern systems, so you’ll definitely want that.

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Tech Support For Seniors: Services They Provide To Help You Get Comfortable With Technology

You have lived nearly a full lifetime, seen so many rapid advancements in technology and medicine, yet you may feel a little lost when using a computer. That is perfectly normal for anyone who did not grow up with computers in their classrooms or mobile phones that fit in the palm of their hands. Thankfully, there are several companies that understand your situation, and they provide tech support for seniors. Here is how those services usually work.

Individualized Training Sessions

If all you want to learn how to do is email your grandchildren or use video chat on your computer, then some tech support companies can send a representative to your home for an individual training session. The representative will not only provide you with hands-on training, but leave you with detailed instructions you can use later (if you forget how to do these types of programs or applications). Usually you end the session by actually doing exactly what you set out to learn (e.g., send an email, open video chat and call a family member, etc.). Depending on what you yearn to learn, the sessions can last a few minutes to a few hours, with a more in-depth computer tutorial landing on the end of the lengthier sessions.

Connections and Set-up Support for a New Computer

If you just received a brand-new computer, and it is the first one you have ever had, it may be very daunting to see it out of the box. There are cords and all kinds of connectors that have to be plugged in. If you have arthritis or your eyesight is limited, this may seem even more difficult to complete. Tech support companies will send an agent out to connect everything for you and help you turn your computer on and get it running.

Remote Tech Support

If you have had a computer for a few months now, and have managed to learn and maneuver around your machine with greater ease, then you may be ready to try remote tech support. Remote tech support for seniors involves calling the support company and requesting a step-by-step walk-through for fixing simple issues and opening and running certain programs. No agent or representative is sent to your home because the problem is one that can be resolved quickly over the phone. In the event that the over-the-phone help does not seem to work, or you are confused by something the phone representative has said, you can still request in-person support.

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Lighteningspeed: Tips To Speed Up Your Internet

You want to stream videos without interruptions or load pages at the speed that you are used to. But, you notice that these and other functions are slightly slower than you are used to. Do not fret, there are a few things you can do to improve your internet speeds.

Tips to Improve Your Internet Connection

Consider the following:

Reset the Modem

One of the easiest things you can do is reset your modem. This should work to refresh your signal, which may help speed up you internet if the connection was exhausted.

Get Closer To The Modem

Your device might be too far from the modem. To resolve this problem, get closer to the modem or consider using an ethernet cable to connect your device directly to the modem. This is usually an issue related to older modems, so consider an upgrade should you need one; just talk to your internet provider regarding an upgrade.

Cut The Extra Devices

The next thing that may be slowing you down is too many devices connected to your internet. You need to disconnect any device that is not necessary, like your Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that could be sucking up your internet.

Cache Might Need Some Cleaning

The cache helps improve speed by storing information for some of the pages you visit the most. Those same pages load up faster because the information doesn’t need to load anymore. This is a great feature until it works against you, as it can store information from too many sites. This can slow down internet, so you do need to clean up your cache. And this link will help you do that.

Rethink Toolbars

Toolbars help improve your web experience, but they also drain your internet. The reason is those toolbars update themselves as you surf the web without you knowing. Enough of these toolbars can slow down your internet connection, so follow this link to remove some of the toolbars you know longer need.

Your Browser Might Be The Problem

Some browsers fail to upgrade quickly or are not compatible with some of the pages you might visit. You should either upgrade or change your browser to see if your internet speeds up a little more.

There you go, hopefully, some of these tricks might help speed up your internet data transfers. You can also talk to yourinternet service provider, as they may have other ideas that may help improve your speeds.  

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